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Rhythm controllers DIY guides


Update April 11th 2020 It’s been almost 3 years and the page is still running! Some of the instructions might be not up to date since 3D printing is a thing now and it’s easier to make your own parts than it was when I started. I suggest everyone to visit owr discord server for better support! We have over 800 users and at least 35 Controller Makers that have experience building their own and can help you.


Controllers & Stuff is a compilation of many controllers and other things I’ve made. I’ll try to explain most of these things so you can build your own controller from scratch. Feel free to comment on any project on my discord server


Sound Voltex Simple Edition (SVSE) style controller

These are instructions to make a 49x25x10cm controller to play Soundvoltex on your computer.

The controller is made out of MDF wood and acrylic on top and on the sides. It includes both knobs and 7 buttons spaced like an arcade.

Click here for instructions

Sound Voltex Minicon

The controller size is 20x20x7cm and the USB cable can be unplugged from the outside.

Click here for instructions


Beatmania IIDX DJDAO FPS-style controller

This is the first controller I made. The measures for the controller and the buttons were really hard to get. I took information from various chinese blogs and some from the DJDAO website until I came with what the controller is now. The only thing that bothers me with this design is the turntable, because it’s made using a rotary encoder instead of an optic encoder like DJDAO’s, mostly because those parts are harder to get and are a little more expensive. Still, the turntable works great.

Click here for instructions

Beatmania MINI-IIDX (?)

WORK IN PROGRESS (as of 05-26-2017) Prototype of mini Beatmania controller. Using the original buttons with a smaller box and a turntable that’s not a turntable but should work almost the same. Also I will keep the Arcade TT distance of 80-90 milimeters.

Beatmania & Soundvoltex Hybrid controller (incomplete)

This is an incomplete failure of a controller. I tried to make a controller that could play both Sound Voltex and Beatmania IIDX, but at the same time it could change from 1P to 2P. Well the mess inside the controller was too much so I finished up scraping the project andit just became a normal IIDX controller, no hybrid whatsoever.

The controller is pretty much the same as the Beatmania controller, but the keypad has holes for 2 extra FX buttons and 2 knobs.

Click here for instructions


Simple and small Arcade controller

This is a simple controller made with only available stuff from the internet, no custom circuit boards or extra soldering. This is as easy as it gets.

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I give these guide free of charge for everyone to share and use, so you don’t need to pay a cent to have this information in your hands. I also give support on my Discord server if you need any help.

BUT if you feel like giving me a beer for my hard work collecting this information you can do it here: